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DESIGNS TO GROW, a premier coaching and training company and parent company of Morning Meetings, is offering an exclusive opportunity to businesses, teams, business owners, and individuals seeking to enhance their personal and professional growth. Many companies start each day with a Morning Meeting. These meetings tend to be performance driven and focused solely on the “bottom line.” Studies have shown, however, that it takes more than technical job competency skills to be successful, happy and passionate at work.

This is why we have created a new program called Morning Meetings.

By joining the Morning Meetings Business Club, you will be entitled to participate in teleconferences with exciting guest speakers, acclaimed authors, and inspirational coaches. Your membership will give you direct access to experts in the fields of personal and professional development, who will discuss strategies to grow your business or career, by maximizing your individual strengths and the talents of your workforce. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions, and follow up with further communication . . . . without leaving your workplace!

With its unique, informative, and highly experiential format, the Morning Meetings Business Club will revitalize your company’s morning meetings and provide you with the tools to foster individual growth and achievement right in the comfort of your own office or conference room.
"Running a business from numbers is like playing basketball while watching the scoreboard instead of the ball. Look after the basics if you want success, and the first basic is the team."

From the book Gung Ho by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
The Morning Meetings Business Club will give you an inspirational jumpstart several times per month and provide you with everything you need to turn around those dull, routine office meetings and make them more meaningful, engaging, and collaborative. In addition to the teleconferences, you will receive specialized educational materials that will guide you on how to run highly effective meetings with your employees or teammates.

A company who invests in their people through this program may see higher retention and profits as your workforce regenerates and reenergizes. Investing in your personal and professional growth as an individual may bring greater career success, opportunities and a happier and healthier life.

Remember, two people can have the same level of job competency skills; however, one of these two people may become very successful while the other remains average. Why is this? Because it take more than just job competency to be successful, happy and healthy! Morning Meetings speakers will offer support in developing all areas needed to live a fulfilling, satisfying and thriving life and career. Morning Meetings seeks to develop the whole person and to create a higher quality of life from which higher quality results will flow.The philosophy behind the Morning Meetings Business Club is simple: Your business is only as successful as the individuals who work there; therefore, when you shift your attention to the personal growth and development of your people, your business will expand exponentially.

The Morning Meetings Business Club provides you with an effective way to stay informed, motivated, engaged, and inspired. Don’t miss this novel opportunity to change the way you start your workday.