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Join us for our third series of Morning Meetings.

Are you looking for a cost effective way to educate, inspire, improve performance, enhance leadership and raise morale all from the comfort of your home or office?

If so, Morning meetings IS your answer! Sign your self, your team or your entire workforce up for this amazing program and join the growing number of organizations who are tapping into the Morning Meetings teleconference business series!

What are Morning Meetings!

Morning Meetings™ are a series of teleconference calls hosted by Designs To Grow Coaching and Training. Authors, coaches and experts who specialize in personal and professional development will run a series of Morning Meetings™ that you and/or your group can participate in by dialing into a designated phone number that you will receive once you sign up. We want to help you and your team stay motivated, educated, fresh and on top of your game!

Join Morning Meetings and…..
  • Get exposure to and learn from today’s top business leaders and coaches.
  • Create greater awareness and knowledge in your workforce.
  • Develop yourself and/or your team in a cost effective manner.
  • Improve performance and create more work – life satisfaction.
  • Energize and inspire yourself or your workforce.
  • Get off the plateau and take yourself to the next level.
  • Reassure and cultivate your top talent by investing in their growth and development.
  • Reengage an inactive workforce who has been seized by the fear of downsizing and job loss.

What are Morning Meetings™?

Morning Meetings are your solution to keeping you and your team fresh and on top of their game by learning from top leaders in the professional and personal development field.

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Like a shot of espresso for your business skills, Morning Meetings™ will reenergize you, your team or your entire company by bringing best selling authors, speakers and experts right to your door.
  • You’ll participate in teleconferences with accomplished business leaders, acclaimed authors and inspirational coaches on a variety of leading edge topics.
  • You will get strategies on how to to grow and develop your talents, skills and confidence.
  • Best of all, you won’t have to travel across country or pay exorbitant conference fees to invest in your staff. You or your team can participate from the comfort of your own office.
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Get Your Employees Engaged!

Did you know in a study done by People Metrics of 5,095 workers across the US,
it was found that:
  • Fortune 500 companies in the lowest quartile in profitability had 50% fewer engaged employees compared to those in the top quartile.
  • High performing employees were twice as engaged as their lower performing counterparts

Morning Meetings™ are a convenient and cost effective way to help you, your team and your organization learn the newest skills and most cutting edge strategies needed in today's business world.

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Morning Meetings will teach you, your team and your organization what you need to know in these new economic times.

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